Slender Eyes Compact Reader and Phone Stand

  • $64.95

Welcome to the newly redesigned Slender Eyes!  This is a high end optical quality reader that stands out for three HUGE reasons:  1) It's compact, high end optics, optical grade frame, nose pads and lenses  2) The case sticks to the back of your IPhone or Android and thus, these are always with you!  Can't find your reader?  Call your phone!  You're going to love having these with you all the time 3) The newly redesigned case acts as a phone stand!  Either in portrait of landscape mode, the case will prop your phone up to comfortably watch videos or for that important Zoom call.

These readers have been upgraded with an optical-grade, anti corrosive, monel metal frame and scratch resistant, optical-quality REAL glass lenses from Corning France.

The case adheres to the back of your phone and is a smooth comfortable grip when grabbing your phone.  The case also acts as a phone stand, pretty cool! 

All around, the Slender Eye reader is a sturdy, highly functional reader and phone stand that you're going to love!  Available in a Black or Gunmetal (in a black case) or Gold (with a gold case).  

Available in strengths: +1.0, +1.5, +2.0 , +2.5, +3.0 and +3.5. 

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